Get Duked! – Amazon Prime Written & Directed by Ninian Doff  UK / 2019 / 87 mins ★★★ Not much happens in the Highlands, right? An endless majesty of woodland, glens and hills, the Scottish Highlands are home to scatterings of locals, farmers, wildlife, and a few unfortunate kids who have been roped into The Duke of Edinburgh Award. … Continue reading Get Duked! – Amazon Prime

Selah and the Spades – Amazon Prime Written & Directed by Tayarisha Poe USA/ 2019/ 97 mins ★★ Whether you’re a prefect, a drama bobby, or a ‘skin’, everyone struggles to find a place at school and, if cinema is to be believed, especially in America. Set against the soft, rolling green mounds of a Pennsylvania boarding school, Selah and the Spades attempts … Continue reading Selah and the Spades – Amazon Prime

Mickey and the Bear – Review Wirrten & Directed by Annabelle Attanasio The prospect of forging one’s path at the cost of leaving others behind is certainly far from an original narrative for the coming-of-age drama. For first-time writer & director Annabelle Attanasio however, what she achieves with Mickey and the Bear is a heart-wrenching, visceral piece on the pursuit of personal … Continue reading Mickey and the Bear – Review