Arthropoda – MANIPULATE Festival 2023

Written, Direction and Co-Production Design by Sarah Holmes Dramaturge by Clive Andrews ★★★★ The most devastating traps begin in benign, even pleasant ways. For Daisy, the encircling barrier forming her entrapment comes in the form of one of our most naïve traditions: love at first sight. Well, perhaps not as severe as this, but upon (quite literally) … Continue reading Arthropoda – MANIPULATE Festival 2023


Patricia Gets Ready (For a Date with a Man who Used to Hit Her) – EICC

Written by Martha Watson Allpress Directed by Kaleya Baxe Performed by Angelina Chudi ★★★★★ There’s absolutely nothing worse than running into your Ex right? The awkwardness, the ambition to be in a better place, the latent feelings of adoration, anxiety, and fear. Yes, fear. For some, running into an Ex is an annoyance, and for … Continue reading Patricia Gets Ready (For a Date with a Man who Used to Hit Her) – EICC

Mediocre White Male – Assembly Roxy

Created by Will Close and Joe von Malachowski ★★★★ Manipulation is perhaps our cruellest and most devastating tool. And there’s a category of people who have been perfecting this technique for centuries. You’ll find them chiselled in the marble of history, adorning the emerald walls of clubhouses and private venues, much like the ones you’ll … Continue reading Mediocre White Male – Assembly Roxy