Come True – Review Screenplay & Directed by Anthony Scott Burns Story by Daniel Weissenberger Canada/2020/105mins ★★★★ Those unfortunate enough to experience night terrors, or are familiar with the histories fascination with sleep such as Henry Fuseli’s The Nightmare, will recognise the significant power held in our minds as we sleep. Escaping a nightmare is a life-long struggle, and when … Continue reading Come True – Review

The Lyceum Christmas Tales – Royal Lyceum Theatre Directed by Zinnie Harris & Wils Wilson Written by Louise Ironside, Jackie Kay, Lynda Radley & Shona Reppe ★★★★ A Christmas past, a Christmas present and looking to Christmases yet to come, The Royal Lyceum Theatre strips bare the hallowed stalls of their stage to ensure the spirit of theatre presents itself to hungry … Continue reading The Lyceum Christmas Tales – Royal Lyceum Theatre

Silent Night – Review Written & Directed by Will Thorne UK/2020/93mins ★★★ One last job - that’s all they ever want. But when you owe someone, and we mean owe someone, well – you’ve just got to do as you’re told. Mark, a recently released hitman from South London, has only one interest following prison, his family. Specifically, his daughter … Continue reading Silent Night – Review

I Am Samuel – BFI London Film Festival

Written by Ricardo Acosta & Peter Murimi Directed by Peter Murimi Kenya/2020/70mins ★★★ While identifying as gay isn’t strictly illegal in Kenya, the act of engaging in a relationship with someone of the same gender or sex is. An openly honest account of a young gay man’s struggles with receiving the equality he deserves, I Am … Continue reading I Am Samuel – BFI London Film Festival

The Old Man: The Movie – Fantasia Film Festival Written & Directed by Oskar Lehemaa, Mikk Mägi Estonia/ 2019/ 88 mins ★★★ Milk, it is a dangerous substance – or were you not aware? Causing chaos, its necessity to the small communities across the world leads to a disturbing reliance on the soft, quivering underbellies of so many cows. The stop-motion animation The Old Man may … Continue reading The Old Man: The Movie – Fantasia Film Festival