The End of Eddy – Church Hill Theatre Based on the novel by Édouard Louis Directed and adapted by Eline Arbo ★★★★ It’s a quiet village. A peaceful, almost picturesque view of utopic bliss. But Édouard Louis’ autobiographical The End of Eddy’s steadfast and microscopic examination of small-town syndrome shatters any illusion. For if you found yourself in a post-industrial village, deprived, … Continue reading The End of Eddy – Church Hill Theatre

The Book of Life – Church Hill Theatre Co-created, Written and Performed by Odile Gakire Katese Co-created and Directed by Ross Manson ★★★ Loss is handled in every culture with an abject difference. From the celebration of life to a more sombre act of grief and period of mourning. The Book of Life finds a humane way to push forward with a … Continue reading The Book of Life – Church Hill Theatre

Jungle Book Reimagined – Festival Theatre Direction and Choreography by Akram Khan Written by Tariq Jordan ★★★ Everything returns to nature. Or so it’s said. In a drowned world – a bleak, not too distant future – Akram Khan’s brooding, fierce, and in moments brave re-imagining of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book finds a slew of animals claiming the urban wastelands. Written by Tariq Jordan, Jungle Book … Continue reading Jungle Book Reimagined – Festival Theatre

Muster Station – Leith Academy

Written by Nicola McCartney, Tawona Sitholé, Uma Nada-Rajah & Ben Harrison Directed by Ben Harrison ★★★★ The unthinkable is now a near-distant reality, in which the United Kingdom finds itself at the mercy of the growing climate catastrophe. Deemed ‘The Great Wave’, there are days, maybe only hours left, before the country is all but … Continue reading Muster Station – Leith Academy

Coppélia – Festival Theatre

Direction & Choreography by Morgann Runacre-Temple & Jessica Wright Dramaturgy & Written text by James Jeff ★★★★★ What separates us from our electronic companions? If all it is, is flesh, then perhaps it’s time we reviewed the situation. Narratives of falling in love with a composite human, a homunculus, are as old as literature. But … Continue reading Coppélia – Festival Theatre