ROOM – King’s Theatre

Created, Directed and Composed by James Thierrée  ★★★★★ So then, what’s this all about? Ask us later. But on the idea of ‘narrative’, there is obvious relevance to the mind of the auteur, to the creative process, and the eternal struggle of framing things precisely how we envisage. All we need to know is that … Continue reading ROOM – King’s Theatre

Counting and Cracking – Lyceum Theatre Written and Associate Direction by S. Shakthidharan Director and Associate Writing by Eamon Flack ★★★★★ Without a steady foot on the ground, two young lovers’ cross paths one late night/early morning – neither with any roots within their place of study in New South Wales. Sat beneath the still warm night sky, under a … Continue reading Counting and Cracking – Lyceum Theatre

Burn – King’s Theatre

Created & Choreographed by Alan Cumming and Steven Hoggett ★★★★ Oh, but what a dreich evening, thunderstruck, with nought but misery lingering in the air. The silhouette of a lanky-haired fella’ seems to brave the torrents atop the distressed boards with not but his clothes, his paper and quill, perhaps you know him? Robert. Rabbie. … Continue reading Burn – King’s Theatre

Have A Gander – Edinburgh International Festival 2022 Another birthday this year - this time for the respectable and creative juggernaut, which is the world-leading Edinburgh International Festival. Going from strength to strength, the EIF turns 75 this year alongside its Fringe and Film siblings. For three weeks through August, the city of Edinburgh becomes an unrivalled hub for the performing arts, … Continue reading Have A Gander – Edinburgh International Festival 2022